Gift of the Gab Creative Membership

Gift of the Gab Children’s Entertainment have been working on something EXCITING that’ll benefit you and your kids FROM HOME.

You have been given the opportunity to become a Founding Member of our Gift of the Gab Creative Membership Launch!

What’s this all about?

Ever thought about how you can entertain, and educate conveniently? Do you have a young tribe who would benefit from an online experience from home, with a trusted Entertainer and Teacher like us? Gift of the Gab will open up an online community packed with videos and learning experiences that are fun and provided to you by a brand you already know and TRUST!

We will provide YOU the videos and follow-up activities that you and your children can work on at your own pace, all ONLINE!

I’m interested, what’s in it for me?

By signing up to our membership you will receive:  

* Educational and entertaining class videos for 0-12 year olds specific to the topic of the month (for example Fairy Tales, Phonics, Art, Science, School Readiness) just to name a few.

* Access to a private Facebook page to share and collaborate with other like-minded parents and for your children to SHARE their LEARNING!

* Access to online and original resources custom made to EDUCATE, ENTERTAIN and provide confidence in your child.

Your child works at their own pace, is driven by creativity, curiosity and learning all in the comfort of YOUR own home- can’t get any more convenient than that!

The exciting thing about this is you will receive a new Class Video and accompanied resources where appropriate, per week that will contain a NEW topic of interest.

WE Need YOUR help!

Does this sound like something that will solve your ‘bored child’ problem, managing your time effectively, and a way to stimulate and keep your child busy?

By replying to this email it shows us that our vision can be something to put out there to our valued customers and supporters. We’ll reply to you with a questionnaire that will help us base our content around YOUR KIDS interests!

How will my membership benefit my child?

✔Prepare them for independence
✔Foster creativity
✔Share their ideas with others
✔Build positive relationships
✔Allow meaningful family experiences and childhood memories
✔Create meaningful ENTERTAINING and EDUCATIONAL experiences from home.
✔Differentiated ideas included for younger siblings without additional costs

What are the costs for me?

For all the above, you will pay a membership fee of $19 per month (valued at $29.95) which will be our LOWEST OFFER given to previous Gift of the Gab customers and supporters ONLY or a once off yearly fee of $200! This is the cost you will FOREVER pay. How crazy cheap is this? It’s our way of saying THANK YOU!

If the above is something you have been looking for, and seems to take the weight off your shoulders just by reading about it, go to our contacts page and send us a message with “YES TO THE CREATIVE MEMBERSHIP” and we will send you a questionnaire to learn more about what interests your child. Soon after, you will be sent all the details regarding payment and when you will expect to receive your first monthly membership goodies!!

Keep the happiness and creativity alive at these troubled times and BEYOND! Join us as we venture on an educational, entertaining and exciting journey TOGETHER from my home to yours!

The Gift of the Gab Team